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    Nami tapped her foot impatiently on the concrete floor underneath the table outside. It had been nearly fifteen minutes since lunch had begun and you were nowhere in sight. Everyone had already presented themselves at the table, even Zoro whom was, naturally, unpunctual. Usopp, whom was unable to join everyone due to having to serve a detention for an unspecified reason.


    It did not take very long for the strawberry blonde’s impatience to get the better of her, Nami frequently seen peering over her shoulder in hopes of catching your advancing appearance.


    Nami had yet to even touch her own lunch.


    Nami waited for you, and as the minutes ticked on by her annoyance gradually morphed into that of concern. Her puzzled looked was quite evident towards the others at the table, although they did not express their own thoughts.


    Her fingers begun to drum anxiously on the table, slowly increasing in speed and frequency as time dragged on. Nami’s nervousness was even more palpable and continued to grow worse.


    Five minutes pasted.


    Ten minutes pasted.


    You had yet to reveal yourself.


    Vivi had attempted numerous times to console the strawberry blonde, stating that you may simply be caught up in some other matter or was running a bit late. Nami could not believe such an absurd excuse, no, not even you would run this late for lunch; Zoro being one of the rare exceptions. She was sure something was wrong.


    Vivi attempted to convince the strawberry blonde that she was just paranoid for no good reason. Nami was simply overacting to something insignificant. The bluenette begun to list of reason after reason for your odd absence.


    You were busy – a bit too vague for Nami’s standards.


    You could be writing a test or quiz of some sort – Nami debunked that rather quickly, stating that you did not have any form of assessment today.


    You were discussing a question with an instructor – in Nami’s perspective, no one would take fifteen minutes to ‘explain’ a lesson.


    You were hanging out with Trafalgar Law, your boyfriend. That phrase, a mere suggestion had set Nami off. Nami now irritated at the notion, had begun to unleash her supressed rage and anxiety as she ranted furiously.


    She exclaimed with untamed fury, “Why would she hang out with him?! What, are we not good enough for her anymore?! Is that bastard of a man more important to her than us?!”


    Vivi sweat dropped at the boiling blonde before her, carefully countering with a calm response, “Well, they are dating. It’s expected that they would hang out, especially in a more private place.”


    Nami groaned loudly, not caring if her straightforward reaction towards the matter was heard by the other students in the area. She pulled at her short locks in desperate indignation, “Don’t remind me! God, I still don’t get why she would date someone like that! She preached constantly at how much she hated his damn guts. She preached it to the point where we all hated him too! So – So, why? Why is she with him?”


    Vivi frowned at the remarks, “Are. . . Aren’t you happy for her – for them?”


    “Are you happy for them?” Nami countered with a question of her own, abruptly ceasing the pulling of her hair. “Well, Vivi? Are you happy that [Y/N] is with a manipulative, cold – hearted, jackass?”


    Vivi fell silent, her gaze crumbling under the strawberry blonde’s firm gaze and fell onto her lap. Her hands balled into tight fists, her fingers digging into her jeans as she bit her bottom lip. The bluenette did not respond to Nami’s question. Nami sighed, the anger dissipating and her nerves finally calmed and the redness in her face too died down to her normal complexion. She laid her head on the surface of the table, and if she had not fully lost her appetite she most certainly did now.


    It would appear that your absence greatly affected those at the table, but that was only natural. The apprehension mixed with a thick tension would not have been present if you had actually arrived at your usual time. It was only natural that they would begin to worry, it was the role friends to care for one another.


    They were just worried, that was all. No, not quite, most of those seated around the table were worried about your peculiar nonattendance. Nami, Vivi and Sanji were greatly concerned about the matter, although Sanji had decided to [shockingly] keep his mouth shut and simply observe the area sharply for your beautiful appearance. Zoro had long fell asleep once he had finished his lunch, thus he was unaware of the issue at hand. It was Luffy, the food addict of the group, which seemed to be a bit too calm despite the obvious concern and supposed severity of the situation.


    He remained silent for quite some time, a characteristic that was rarely ever displayed by the energetic young adult. Luffy ate quickly and quietly, not daring to bring up anything regarding the dispute at hand. He gave off the impression that he did not care, but no matter how hard he attempted to play off his calmness his silent concern was there.


    He was very worried about you, maybe even more so than Nami, Vivi, and Sanji all combined.


    There was only another ten minutes left of lunch, and you still had not arrived. You had been present during the morning periods, seeing as they all saw you and even Vivi walked you to your English class. You should have arrived at the table a long time ago, unless you had suddenly felt sick and decided to go home for the remainder of the day; but then again you would have at least informed everyone of your absence.


    No one could think of any logical reasons that would explain your now worrying disappearance. Indeed, they now considered you a missing person and they were going to play Sherlock Homes until they could verify that you were safe and sound. The investigation had begun and everyone, excluding Zoro and possibly Luffy, were going to search for any clues or hints to the case.


    By the end of the day, maybe even by tomorrow morning, the case will be solved one way or another.


    The bell sounded, ending the lunch period and ushering the students to shuttle off to their next classes. The group bid each other a temporary farewell then departed to their separate classes. Nami sped – walked to her Biology class, which she had shared with you whom should be present in class. If you were indeed present, then a long conversation will ensue quickly afterwards.


    Nami entered her Biology class and made a beeline towards her seat. Setting her belongs down, she waiting patiently for both you to appear and for class to begin. Time ticked on and soon enough the students had begun to pour into the room, taking their self – assigned seats. You had yet to show yourself, both peculiar and troubling to the strawberry blonde. Even so, she waited, and waited until the final students scrambled through the doorway.


    You had not come through the doorway, thus a single seat beside Nami, which would have normally been occupied by you yourself, was empty. It was the final period, thus the only time where you could possibly do found was at the end of the day.


    Unfortunately, specifically for Nami, the Biology class dragged on at an agonisingly slow pace. Her patience was already thin as it was, and the elongated final periods were the most infuriating she had ever experienced. The lecture was not even that interesting either, making the entirety of this experience even more vexatious.


    However, there was one thing, or in this case, a certain person that had kept the strawberry blonde vigilant.


    Trafalgar Law had also shared a class with both you and herself, but unlike Nami, Law didn’t seem to notice that his girlfriend was not present. No, instead he completely engrossed himself in the tedious lesson. Nami could not supress the urge to silently glare at the back of his stupid head, and the longer she did the more enraged she became about the entire situation.


    A vortex of emotions swirled viciously within her, and only grew the more she observed the bastard’s behaviour. He was a heartless bastard, caring more for his damn studies instead of the well – being of his lover. Nami did not understand what you saw in Law, nor did she understand how you came to fall in love with him. Law didn’t even notice your absence.


    He didn’t care.


    He never cared.


    He didn’t notice.


    He’ll never notice.


    Trafalgar, on the other hand, would have shocked the strawberry blonde, the man occasionally glancing back towards her oblivious form and towards the empty seat.


    Law was well aware of your absence.









    The end of the day eventually rolled around, allowing the students to finally return to their homes. Nami, Vivi, Luffy, Usopp, Sanji and Zoro had all gathered near the entrance of the University, somewhat tolerantly awaiting the appearance of their friend. Nami had notified the others of your nonattendance in class, her concern most defiantly evident as she explained as best she could. She didn’t dare mention anything about Law, not particularly in the mood to even think about that jackass. 


    Everyone waited for you at the entrance, and it was roughly fifteen minutes later that you had finally revealed yourself to the group. Luffy was the one whom had noticed you slowly make your way over towards the group, your hands slipped into your pockets. The ravenette gestured towards you with a large grin, and it did not take very long for everyone else to notice you as well.


    They all begun to question your strange actions as you drew closer, just within earshot.


    “Where the hell were you?! We were worried sick about you!”


    “Did something happen?”


    “Did you hang out with Law or something?”


    “Why didn’t you contact us to tell us at least were you were?”


    “[Y/N], are you… Listening…?” It was Nami’s voice that trailed off, the others following in suit. They stared at you in alarm, their eyes wide with a mix of disbelief and horror. They stared at your body – your arms – staring at the small, dull bruises that were not present in the morning.


    You head had hung low, your brown locks fall over your face that just barely hid the beat red mark on your right cheek. Their gazes wandered to your hair soon after. Nami gasped in dismay at the sight of your hair, a single hand clamping tightly over her mouth out of reflex. Vivi enacted in a similar fashion, her eyes wide and she stared speechlessly. The men of the group were at a loss for words, their mouths hanging by their jaws at the sight of your appearance. They were unable to voice their thoughts at what they were seeing.


    Your hair had been cut to your shoulders.

Well then, Reader -Chan. . . What have you gotten yourself into. . . ?  I IS CONCERNED 

Well, maybe you'll answer your friends' questions in the next part.

I want to apologize for the long absence, but I am back! I am not exactly sure when the next part will be out, but hopefully sooner than later Dark Link emoticon 2 Again, please for give me!

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tocglitch Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017
 although Sanji had decided to [shockingly] keep his mouth shut and simply observe the area sharply for your beautiful appearance
I think I killed his spirit...

 Law was well aware of your absence.
Of course he is. Even if he actually hated me, you pay a lot of attention to the persons you hate. As much as to the persons you love, sometimes even more. We're close, in some strange way xD
I'm worried about myself...

Oh, no :( The crazy fangirls made a move, right? I'm so sorry... I wonder how will Law feel about this, and what kind of reaction will he show.
Something like this had to happened, but it was crueler than I expected. People can be truly disgusting. It's sad...

But as always, I absolutely loved it and WHAT THE HECK I'M GOING TO READ THE NEXT CHAPTER EVEN THOUGH IT'S REALLY LATE. SOMEBODY HELP ME I CAN'T STOP Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
SUSHIFREAK101 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Student

Well I expected that to happen but damn, I did not expect to be so brutal... I almost thought Reader had suicidal thoughts or so...
Hope she's gonna be okie
Spiria7634 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
FUUUUUUUUUUUU---- *and once again gets slapped by Pocky, her OC*

WOMEN..... I admit that I would be too overprotective of people sometimes, but to do harm like that is not in my circle.... These ladies are in the need of someone to shake them out of their yandere mode....
Bolt-the-Night-Fury Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
Oh god, attacked by groupies.  Law really needs to discipline his fan girls, like put shock collars on them.  Welp, whose placing bets on Law potentially getting his ass schooled by Nami and co.?

Saurus: I bet 20

Zilla: 50

Rosa: I'll go 100
Writeron Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hehehehe, there MAY be a possiblity ~ And you are right, Law really does need to discipline his fans ~

Law better watch out for Reader - Chan's friends XD
Katmm1 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
.....oh shit.....the Barbie dolls attacked me? Or am I really clumsy like Cora......XD Wonder what Law's reaction is gonna be if he sees her like that.....or if he already knew what happened? Awesome update author-chan~!! Can't wait for the next one!! :D
Writeron Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Aw, thank you so much Katmm! Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3]   Oh yes, Law's reaction should be. . . Interesting Panda Emoji-25 (Fufufufu) [V2]  Hopefully the next part will be up soon!
Katmm1 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Alright~!! It's my pleasure to read such an awesome story~!! :D
Writeron Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hehehe, thank you for the compliment! :happy: 
Katmm1 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem~!
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